Young Beekeeper Award

HBA provides an opportunity for a young person to get started in beekeeping by providing the necessary knowledge, materials, and support for success.


The Huguenot Beekeepers' Association (HBA) desires to promote beekeeping among the youth of the surrounding communities. HBA will provide an opportunity for a young person to get started in beekeeping by providing the necessary knowledge, materials, and support for success.

The following page outlines the Goals, Requirements, Restrictions, Selection Process, and Awards for the Young Beekeeper Award Program. All interested and eligible youth are encouraged to download and submit the Application prior to December 31, 2017.


Educating youth in the art and science of beekeeping, while imparting a greater understanding of the importance of honey bees to our environment and to our food chain.

Offering a firsthand opportunity for youth to experience the responsibility and enjoyment of beekeeping.

Providing a way for youth to become involved with a rewarding hobby that has the potential to become a sideline or full-time occupation.


  1. Age: Must be between 12-18 years of age as of December 1, 2017.
  2. Residency: Must be enrolled in public, private, or home school in Goochland or Powhatan county and reside in one of these counties.
  3. Application: Must be completed and submitted, with an accompanying essay as described below, by December 31, 2017.
  4. Essay: The essay should be carefully composed. The applicants should explain why they want to keep bees, as well as what they expect to learn and do during their first year of beekeeping.
  5. Parent or Guardian Participation: All applicants must have the approval and permission of a parent or legal guardian in order to participate in this program. Some commitment of time is also necessary. A responsible adult must be present whenever the student is working with or attending to bees. Transportation will be needed to meetings and classes, as well as assistance with other beekeeping activities as necessary.


  1. This program is for new beekeepers who do not currently have an established beekeeper in their households. This program is intended for first time beekeepers who do not have access to bees, beekeeping equipment or training from sources other than HBA.
  2. All materials provided by HBA must be maintained in good condition and used as instructed. Bees and equipment must be kept at the address entered on the application. Bees and equipment are the property of HBA until the successful completion of the first year of beekeeping.
  3. Participant and parent or legal guardian must attend at least 80% of the HBA monthly meetings held within the year and complete the mandatory HBA Beginner Beekeeper Class. The meetings and classes are held at the Powhatan Village Auditorium Building, 3910 Old Buckingham Road in Powhatan, Virginia. The meetings are normally held the first Thursday of each month at 7:00PM. The class date and time has not been set yet, but it generally occurs mid-February and runs several consecutive evenings.
  4. Participant must be willing to meet with an HBA mentor at the hive location to inspect hives once a week during the first month of the program, and at least once a month thereafter, or as recommended by the mentor. Participant must also present two short progress reports to HBA, once during the summer and once at the end of the program.
  5. Huguenot Beekeepers' Association, or its members individually, will not be liable for any injuries, accidents, or problems pertaining to the participant's involvement in this program.

Selection Process

  1. Applications and essays will be reviewed by a panel of HBA members after the submission deadline of December 31, 2017. The panel will select three (3) finalists based on these applications and essays.
  2. The three finalists, along with their parents or legal guardians, will be invited and scheduled to meet with the HBA panel for a brief informal interview. The HBA panel will select the winning candidate based on the application, essay, and interview. The winner will be announced on or about February 1, 2018.

Awards and Benefits

  1. A one year membership in the Huguenot Beekeepers Association (HBA), along with membership in the Virginia State Beekeepers Association, will be given free of charge. This includes informative HBA monthly meetings, as well as assistance and advice from an established network of HBA beekeepers, and much more.
  2. Enrollment in the HBA Beginner Beekeeper Class, with a beekeeping textbook and beekeeper certificate included, is provided free of charge.
  3. A complete set of wooden-ware for a basic Langstroth beehive, a package of honey bees, and basic necessary beekeeping equipment which includes hat, veil, hive tool, and smoker will be provided free of charge. The hive components will include a bottom board, 2 deep hive bodies, a medium super, frames and foundation, inner cover, outer cover, and queen excluder. (These remain the property of HBA until completion of the one year program.)
  4. Mentoring by an experienced HBA beekeeper will be provided for one year.
  5. A certificate of completion will be presented and full ownership of the bees and equipment will be given upon successful completion of the one year program.


The Application should be completed and submitted prior to December 31, 2017 to:

Huguenot Beekeepers Association
PO Box 681
Powhatan, VA 23139