Woodenware, Bees, Queens, and Other Supplies.

Over the years, members of our club have compiled a list of suppliers for procuring everything a new or experienced beekeeper would need including hive boxes and other woodenware, tools, 3 lb. packages and nucs, replacement queens, and even extraction equipment. The suppliers listed below are grouped by their proximity to our members with both the Local and Regional suppliers operating within Virginia. Where applicable, we have also listed the manufacturer primarily distributed by a Local or Regional supplier, as there can be slight dimensional differences among the various national suppliers. Note: This list is compiled based on past experience. Our club cannot make any guarantee for the level of service or quality of your experience with any of the vendors listed below.

Local Suppliers

Honey and the Hive

Powhatan, VA
Woodenware (Brushy Mountain and Handcrafted)

Scottsville Supply Co

Scottsville, VA
Packages, Nucs, Woodenware (Mann Lake)

Blue Lotus Farm Apiary

Powhatan, VA
Queens, Nucs

Dandelion Springs Apiary

Dandelion Springs Apiary

Chesterfield, VA
Woodenware (Dadant)

Royall Bees

Quinton, VA
Packages, Nucs, Queens, Woodenware

Hertzler Farm & Feed

Powhatan, VA
Woodenware (Dadant)

Regional Suppliers

Valley Bee Supply

Fishersville, VA
Complete Beekeeping Supplier

National Suppliers

Mann Lake

Hackensack, MN
Complete Beekeeping Supplier

Dadant & Sons, Inc.

Hamilton, IL
Complete Beekeeping Supplier

BeeWeaver Apiaries

Navasota, TX
Complete Beekeeping Supplier

Coy Bee Company

Wiggins, MS
Russian Queens

Maxant Industries

Ayer, MA
Honey Extraction & Processing